Building Work That Does Not Require a Building Consent

Under Section 41 of the Building Act 2004, the following types of work are exempt from requiring a Building Consent:

  1. General Repair, maintenance and replacement 
    e.g. replacing and repainting damaged exterior cladding with the same or similar component
    e.g. replacing an old clay tile roof with a profile metal roof
  2. Single storey detached building not exceeding 10 square metres in floor area
    e.g. woodshed, garden shed, sleep-out with no water supply, facilities for cooking or sanitation
  3. Tent or marquees not exceeding 100 square metres in floor area.
  4. Pergolas, a simple framed and unroofed structure.
  5. The repair or replacement of all or part of an outbuilding.
    e.g. garage or farm shed is made within the same footprint area
  6. Internal walls and doorways in existing buildings may be altered, removed or constructed unless the wall is load bearing, a bracing element or it is a separation wall (firewall), in which case a building consent is required.
  7. Enclose an existing veranda or porch up to 5 square metres.
  8. Verandas not exceeding 20 square metres.
  9. Carports that are freestanding or attached to an existing building not exceeding 20 square metres in floor area.
  10. Shade sails not exceeding 50 square metres.
  11. Fences not exceeding 2.5 metres in height.
  12. Decks where it is not possible to fall more than 1.5 metres.
  13. Alterations to windows and exterior doorways in existing buildings can be replaced or changed unless the window or door is wider than the existing opening, in which case a Building Consent is required.

All new building work must comply with the Building Code.

If you are not sure whether your building work is exempt, please contact Council for information and advice about exemptions and the Building Consent process. 

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