Prevent Nuisance Barking - a pup less yappy keeps 'em happy

A young pup that barks at people or noises is more likely to develop into a nuisance barker.

If you have a pup that is starting to bark at everything that moves, check out our list of tips and tools to break the habit before it forms.

If your dog’s barking is becoming a nuisance, consider the following tips:


nuisance_barking.png Do not console a barking dog; this will reward or reinforce barking.
nuisance_barking2.png Immediately discourage undesirable behaviour and praise good behaviour (this applies to fearful and aggressive behaviour as well).
nuisance_barking3.png Teach your dog that it is allowed to bark to alert you and it should then stop barking.
nuisance_barking4.png Seek professional help if your dog is too difficult for you to handle, and do not feel you have failed - it takes special skills to be able to train dogs successfully.
nuisance_barking5.png Ensure your dog has daily exercise - you should exercise your dog at least once a day so that you tire your dog out.
nuisance_barking6.png Ensure your dog is occupied - provide bones for chewing and/ or balls and toys for playing.
nuisance_barking7.png Ensure your dog is confined in a way that it is unable to see things to bark at.
nuisance_barking8.png Arrange with another dog owner for your dogs to play together.

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