GoBuild mobile app speeds up process for booking inspections

Media_image_-_GoBuild_-_BT.pngA new application (or “app”) for smartphones has recently gone live in Tararua.

The new app, GoBuild, has been designed to simplify the process of booking a building inspector.

GoBuild enables tradesmen and homeowners (as well as anyone who needs an inspection done) to book an appointment using their phone.

Russell Palmer, Team Leader Building Services for Tararua District Council says GoBuild simplifies the whole process and will be a great asset when it comes to requesting an inspection.

Designed by Master Business Systems Ltd - the company that manages the Information Technology (IT) of the Tararua District Council - GoBuild is an app that can easily be downloaded onto any mobile phone.

After downloading, users enter the name of their council and follow the instructions on the main screen to create a booking request.

After choosing the inspection type, the required date and a time that suits them, users simply tap “Send” and their request is sent. An email is then sent back to the person confirming the appointment.

“The beauty of this is also that when someone sends a request through for an inspection, there is always a record, so things can be tracked.

“We get a lot of phone calls here at Council from people wanting to book inspections, it takes a lot of time, but using this app will reduce those calls and make the whole process quicker for everyone.”

Mr Palmer says everything is going the “IT way” and in the future everything will eventually be done electronically, GoBuild is just a step in that direction.

“The paper system of doing things is slowly dying out, people want records and information to be readily available and this app will give them that.”

Tararua District Council is the third council to go live with GoBuild, the others are Manawatu and Taupo.

Throughout the country, 26 councils already use the “GoGet” apps that have been developed by Master Business Systems Ltd. GoBuild is the newest app in the GoGet collection.

Mr Palmer says there is no cost involved in using the GoBuild app, it is easy to download and operate.

“This is a great app and it is really going to speed up the process of booking an inspection. I think tradesmen in particular are going to find it really useful.”

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GoBuild can be installed on Android, iOS and Windows devices.
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