Out of Bounds for Hounds

Dog Prohibited (Banned) Areas

Dogs have restricted access in some areas of the Tararua District – this prevents them from causing a "nuisance" or “annoyance” to the community or wildlife in these areas.

Areas where restrictions apply are usually places where many people - particularly children - may be present. Council is encouraging dog owners to familiarise themselves with the prohibited areas of the Tararua District (see below).

Excluding those carried in a vehicle, dogs are prohibited (banned) in the following areas:

  • High Street, Dannevirke (between Miller and McPhee Streets)
  • Main Street, Pahiatua (between Paterson or Cambridge Streets and King or Duke Streets)
  • Vogel Street, Woodville (between Ross and Grey Streets)
  • All public reserves, wildlife reserves, sports grounds and sports stadiums situated in urban areas
  • All public libraries administered by the Council
  • All public swimming baths
  • All cemeteries administered by the Council

The ban does not apply to:

  • dogs attending vet clinics;
  • dogs working as a guide or hearing dog; or
  • dogs working for the Police.

Council is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Animal Control.

You can get in touch with the Council team on:

06 374 4080 (north)
06 376 0110 (south)


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