Application for Grazing of Reserve Land

Pursuant to Section 73(3A)(3) of the Reserves Act 1977 and Section 3B of the Conservation Act, Tararua District Council as administrating body, gives notice of its intention to issue a grazing concession and invites applications for the grazing of the following reserve land for a term of five (5) years with a possible right of renewal for a further five (5) year period:

  • 2.3412 hectares more or less situated at Domain Road, Ormondville
  • 5.7852 hectares more or less situated at Buckland Road, Ormondville

A copy of the terms and conditions of the grazing concession is available on the Council website or at the Dannevirke Service Centre. Envelopes containing tenders should clearly be marked Tender for Grazing of Reserve Land, and sent to:

Colin Veale
Community Assets and Property Manager
Tararua District Council
PO Box 115
Dannevirke 4942

Tenders close at 4:00pm on Thursday, 21 September 2017 and should be submitted on the Grazing Application Form. Acceptance of any tender is at the sole discretion of the Council. The highest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted.

Any person or organisation who would like to make a submission or object to the granting of this grazing concession may do so. If you make an objection or submission, the opportunity is available to present your comments in person to the Council’s Tribunal and Hearings Committee at a meeting held for this purpose, and they should include such requests to indicate your intentions. These are to be sent to the Community Assets and Property Manager at the address shown in this notice, and will be received up until the date as specified above.

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