Hunting for our history


Recently Tararua District Council was offered guardianship of two sets of historic documents - a collection of old survey maps and the records of Woodville Domain Board, including minute books dating back to 1895.

Council is excited by the opportunity to add these records to their archives, as they are relevant to the history of our district. Unfortunately, there is a gap in the Woodville Domain Board records from the early 1920s through to 1942 and beyond. Council would be very keen to discover these missing documents.

It is possible that there are many more hidden stashes of Council history tucked away in attics or under beds around the district. Many of the original domain boards are now inactive and there is the danger that their history will be lost. The descendants of a former board secretary may be holding these records simply because they do not know what to do with them. If you know of anyone with such a collection, then Records and Information Manager, Joy Kopa, would be very keen to hear from you or them.

During the time of amalgamation in 1989 many records of the preceding councils and other agencies were destroyed or lost, including many council photographs, maps and plans. While some photographs found their way to local museums, there are still gaps in our pictorial history that we would be keen to fill. If they are treasured photographs of a father or grandfather we would be very grateful of an opportunity to borrow the originals to enable digital images to be captured for our archives.

If you think you can help us, please contact Records and Information Manager Joy Kopa on or phone 06 374 4117. Anything will be of interest to us in the hunt for our history.

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