Keeping our pensioners cool this summer

With a ‘warmer than usual’ summer forecast this year, residents of pensioner units in the district will be thankful for their new heat pumps.

Earlier this year, Tararua District Council completed the installation of heat pumps in all of its pensioner units in Dannevirke, Woodville, Pahiatua and Eketahuna, ensuring no one went cold over winter.

Feedback from residents has been positive since the pumps were installed, with comments such as "excellent" and "brilliant" being most common.

While heat pumps are an excellent source of warmth, they are also an excellent way to stay cool, especially during those hot summer days when escaping the heat seems impossible.

Residents are reminded it’s important to use the right heat pump settings for summer if they want to effectively cool their homes.

Here are some useful tips to ensure your heat pump is keeping you cool as effectively and cheaply as possible:

  • Using the fan only setting – this helps you feel cooler by creating a breeze. This setting also uses a lot less electricity than the full cooling mode.
  • Only use the full cooling mode on really hot days, and shut all the doors and windows in the rooms you’re cooling.
  • Avoid using auto settings – if you forget to switch the unit off it will start heating if the temperature drops below the thermostat setting.

Further information on the correct settings and other functions, can be found in the information booklet that was supplied to each resident when the pumps were installed.

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