Apprentices love their work at Metalform

This is the seventh article of the "Keep Employing Youth (KEY)" series, highlighting the value of youth employees in the Tararua District.


Scott Dyer and Nic Sowerby are two young men who love their jobs, and the company that gave them the opportunity to pursue a career in engineering.

Both are currently in their third year of their apprenticeships in Level 4 Light Fabrication which they will finish next year.

Although neither of them came from an engineering back ground, both say they have found the career for them and love the work they are doing.

Nic, whose parents own a local dairy farm says he originally had been interested in plumbing.

"When I left school I couldn’t get an apprenticeship in plumbing so I went to work at the freezing works. When it came to the ‘off season’ some people from WINZ came to sort out what we were going to do and it was mentioned that Metalform were going to be doing a potential nightshift. I had no engineering experience but I applied and got a job."

Although he’s only 22 years of age, Nic has already bought himself a house in Dannevirke and says he really enjoys his work.

"I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else."

At 32, Scott says they are lucky to be working for Metalform as the company makes a wide variety of things.

"We work on anything from chassis, farm machinery, post office boxes and even wheelchairs, there’s great variety and with the qualification we are working towards we could get a job anywhere in the world."

Scott who is originally from South Africa says he went to the UK to find work which is where he met his future wife, who happened to be from Dannevirke.

"When she wanted to come home I followed her back. I was lucky I got an opportunity to work at Metalform and I worked for the company for about a year before I began my apprenticeship."

With his wife expecting their first child in the New Year Scott says they’re settled in Dannevirke and won’t be moving.

Both Scott and Nic say Metalform is an excellent company to work for.

"They are very good people here and Campbell Easton (Managing Director) would have to be one of the best bosses you could have," says Scott.

"He interacts with you and is always really helpful and approachable."

Campbell describes Scott and Nic as good workers who are doing really well.

"We get quite a number of young guys who come to us looking for work, often they come and do work for us after school, and if they work out well they’ll get offered a job.

"Generally they’ll work for us for a year to 18 months and then if it’s all going well we might look at offering them an apprenticeship. There are opportunities and we like to take on young locals if we can."

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