Apprenticeship is icing on the cake

This is the sixth article of the "Keep Employing Youth (KEY)" series, highlighting the value of youth employees in the Tararua District.

Bakery assistant, Kate Gunson, couldn’t be happier since being offered a Bakery Apprenticeship at Dannevirke New World.

Kate, who says she loves everything to do with cooking and baking, admits she jumped at the chance when owner-operator Garry Hasler offered her the opportunity.

Born in Dannevirke, Kate grew up on her parent’s farm where she still lives today. Although she admits she loves farming she has never wanted to do it for a living.

"I love it at home as I love the farm life but I love baking more," she says.

"My first boss when I left school was Jim Malloy, who is now our store man here at New World. He and his wife Donna used to own the Hungry Belly Bakery in Dannevirke and I worked for them for a couple of years doing baking. That was about 12 years ago and I really enjoyed it, later I went to work at the Vault Cafe and was there for about five and a half years, which I also enjoyed.

"I’ve been in the bakery at New World for the past year and being able to do this apprenticeship will give me a qualification that can lead to so much more."

Garry is sure Kate will do well on her apprenticeship and says she was always keen on working in the bakery.

"Kate’s shown a lot of promise and commitment in her job, and has developed during her time with us. I said to her maybe it’s time to do more and further herself, which is when I suggested an apprenticeship. I think this is the next step for her," says Garry.

Kate says Garry and his wife Bridget are great people to work for and there is a really good team at New World.

"It makes life a lot easier when you’ve got good bosses. You have to love what you’re doing otherwise it’s just a job. Making bread, cakes, everything the whole lot, I love doing this work. If you’re not enjoying what you do then it’s not worth it," she says.

Although by completing the apprenticeship, which takes two years and involves doing courses via correspondence through Foodstuffs in Auckland will open many doors for Kate if she chooses to move on, she has no intention of doing so.

"I just want to live in Dannevirke and enjoy my work; I’m not interested in leaving or travelling.

"I’m happy here," she says.

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