Tararua surfacing unit now in operation

The establishment of a ‘surfacing unit’ by Tararua Alliance will save time and money when it comes to road and paving repairs in the district.

Tararua Alliance Operations Manager Matt Erard, says it has taken a lot of work to establish first coat sealing capabilities in Tararua, work that was previously done by sub-contractors from outside the district.

"We purchased specialised sealing equipment and worked really hard to make sure we got the right guys on board; this has seen us employ an additional five staff who are all locals."

Mr Erard says he has worked closely with the plant team to ensure everyone has the correct kit, has attended the numerous workshops and training required, and that all the correct health and safety procedures were in place before they began work.

"We’ve now completed the final sign offs with plant skills transfers for the plant and competency assessments for all the operators, as well as crew briefing plans for the site."

Mr Erard says having these capabilities in the Alliance will see a large reduction in sealing costs over time, and produce better quality pavement work through being able to seal on time.

"It gives us control. The key is getting seal onto roads quickly otherwise they deteriorate. Now we have the capability to do this having to re-prep pavement prior to sealing will now be a thing of the past," says Mr Erard.

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