We have one - but what is a Long Term Plan?

Capture.jpgLong term plans can cover a wealth of aims or goals that organisations or individuals set for themselves or their business.

These can range from something as simple as developing a plan to clear your mortgage by a certain date, or if you’re a business, something to follow to ensure your business continues to profit and grow.

So why does your local council need a long term plan and what is its purpose?

Every three years, councils are required, by the Local Government Act 2002 (part 6), to prepare a Long Term Plan (LTP) in consultation with their community.

The LTP becomes the council’s "key planning tool" for the next 10 years. Its purpose is to describe the council’s activities and the community outcomes it aims to achieve.

Providing a long-term focus, the LTP also shows accountability to the community and provides an opportunity for participation by the public in council decision-making processes.

The LTP must include information on activities, goods and services the council provides, and specific funding and financial management policies and information.

In simple terms, the LTP outlines everything councils do and what they plan to do during the plan’s 10 year period. It also explains why certain things are done and the cost of doing them.

The community can express their views on the LTP when it is reviewed every three years. In addition, as part of the LTP development process, councils may also talk with other parties about how they can help promote identified local outcomes in which those parties have an interest.

So, what did Tararua District Council agree to do in the 2015–2025 Long Term Plan?

In 2014, Council held a stakeholder workshop in the community, the outcomes from which contributed to the formation of the Long Term Plan 2015-2025.

The outcomes were to continue to follow the strategies that would move us closer to our ‘vision’.

These strategies were continued investment in core infrastructure, promoting and facilitating economic development, and continued financial viability through sustainable growth and investment in the Tararua District.

For more information on the Tararua District Council Long Term Plan, please follow the link below:


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