The importance of stock crossing maintenance

Stock crossings are a familiar sight on rural roads throughout the country and Tararua District is no exception.

While farmers need to be able to move their stock, there are by-laws that must be adhered to regarding the safety and maintenance of crossings.

Each year, damage to local roads can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Effluent left by stock not only damages roads but leaves a slippery surface creating a nuisance and potential danger to other road users.

Anyone operating a stock crossing has an obligation to ensure that excrement, urine or other matter left on the road is disposed of in an appropriate manner. It is recommended that effluent is cleaned off roads after each crossing to avoid damage to its surface and to any vehicles that may travel over it.

Safety is also an issue where stock is involved, and farmers are required to ensure that the compulsory requirements regarding this are being met.

Warning signs are essential for safety at any stock crossing point. Permanent fold-down warning signs must be installed in order to protect workers, stock and motorists.

Please remember that by-laws around stock crossings are there for a reason. While they are designed to regulate stock movement on our roads, they are also there to help protect those who use them.

Council is encouraging crossing operators to be responsible and think of others when moving stock on the road; let’s keep everyone using our roads safe, stock included.

Council is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding stock crossings. You can get in touch with the Council team by emailing or calling 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110.

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