Our Aim is to provide attractive burial places where the community can remember loved ones and celebrate our districts heritage.

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Main Cemeteries in the Tararua District

Click here to view a map showing the location of all cemeteries in the district.

Mangatera Cemetery
Cemetery Road, Dannevirke

Woodville Lawn Cemetery
16 Pinfold Road, Woodville

Mangatainoka Cemetery
Cross Road, Mangatainoka

Eketahuna Lawn Cemetery
Marchant Street, Eketahuna

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Fees and Charges

Adult Extra Depth (six feet) $700
Child between Ages 2-14 Years $220
Child under 2 Years including Stillborn & Neonatal $80
Ashes and Urns Interred in Ground $90
Scattering of Ashes in Cemetery Areas (using Council or Council Staff) $50
Weekend interment fee (from 12pm Saturdays, all day Sunday and Public Holidays - in addition to interment charges above) $350
Returned Servicepersons in Servicemen’s Plot or in Lawn where no Servicemen’s Area Exists Free
Exhumation and/or Re-Interment Actual Cost + 20%


Purchase of Plots
Adult $850
Child between Ages 2-14 Years $350
Child under 2 Years including Stillborn & Neonatal $150
Returned Servicepersons in Servicemen’s Plot Area or in Lawn where no Servicemen's Area Exists Free
Ashes Plot $250
Columbarium Wall Niche $110
Memorial Wall Plaque Site $35


Out of District Additional Fee (for Persons not Resident nor Ratepayers in District) $800
Permit to Erect Memorials $35
Breaking Concrete Actual Cost + 20%
Cemetery Record Extract Search First Hour - Free
Per Hour Thereafter - $42
Resoiling Old Removed Concrete Plots (per Plot) Actual Cost + 20%
Curbing Resoiled Old Concrete Plots (per Plot) Actual Cost + 20%

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who’s responsibility is it to look after/maintain headstones?
    The upkeep of headstones and memorials is the responsibility of the family.

  • What is the process for getting a headstone installed?
    A headstone permit is required from the Tararua District Council prior to the erection of any monument, memorial, headstone, foundation or any other structure.

  • What can headstones be made of?
    Each erected memorial shall be constructed of a material that will not deteriorate over time.

  • Can we transfer reserved plots to others if we no longer require them?
    Yes you can. The Council will need a letter from you stating who you are wanting the plot to go to and also your copy of the agreement will need to be returned and a new one created.

  • Can I choose a plot?
    Yes you can choose a plot in most Cemeteries.

  • How many coffins can be buried in one plot?
    Up to two coffins can be buried in a single plot.

  • How many ashes can be interred in an ashes plot?
    Up to two urns.

  • Can I inter ashes in a burial plot when someone is already buried there?
    In most cases this is possible.

  • Where can I find information on Cemetery Bylaws?
    Chapter 14 - Cemeteries (115KB pdf)

  • Can I bury someone myself?
    No other person than the Sexton or assistants of the Sexton or any other person duly authorised by the Council shall dig any grave in, or open the ground for burial in, any part of the cemetery (page 2 of the Bylaw linked above).

  • Can we dig the grave?
    No, under current regulations only Council Staff are authorised to dig graves in any of our Cemeteries.

  • Can I bury my pet in the Cemetery?
    No, animals can not be buried in our Cemeteries.

  • Can I place ornaments on the grave?
    No. All our Cemeteries are lawn cemeteries, and ornaments on graves hinder our lawn mowing operations. Small ornaments next to the headstone, clear of the lawn, are permitted.

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