Courses and Scholarships

Every so often, education providers will advise Council of upcoming courses and scholarships that are available in or around the Tararua District.

Please see below for a list of courses and scholarships that Council is aware of:

UCOL: New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture*

Discover the fascinating world of beekeeping and how to install, track, and maintain beehives for sustainability and growth using organic methods. With extensive international work experience, our lecturer will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to work safely and productively in a beekeeping environment meeting necessary compliance requirements.

*subject to approval and accreditation

UCOL: National Certificate in Farming Skills (Work Ready)

With our experienced tutors in farming (a high country station manager and a sheep and crop farmer) you will learn the skills you need to have from day one on the farm. You will be able to apply what you learn to different types of farms and many diverse roles within the industry. Many graduates go directly from their studies into full-time employment.

UCOL: New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture with strand in Outdoor Vegetable Production*

Learn to turn your garden or spare land into a productive urban farm. With international work experience on biodynamic and certified organic farms and orchards, our lecturer will also provide other essential industry insight. Gain skills and knowledge required to assist with a range of tasks relevant to horticulture production sectors.

*subject to approval and accreditation