2018-2028 Long Term Plan

Tell us what you think about the projects we are proposing...

Consultation on the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan opened on Monday, 09 April 2018 and closes on Friday, 11 May 2018 at 12 noon.

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A quick breakdown...

Long Term Plans explained

The Council must at all times have a Long Term Plan (LTP) under Section 93(1) of the Local Government Act 2002.

The purpose of the LTP is to:

  • describe the activities of the Council;
  • describe the community outcomes of the Tararua District;
  • provide integrated decision-making and co-ordination of the Council's resources;
  • provide a long term focus for the Council's decisions and activities;
  • provide a basis for accountability of the Council to the community to which it serves; and
  • provide an opportunity for public participation in the decision-making processes on activities to be undertaken by the Council.

Consultation Documents explained

Consultation Documents (CDs) are an important tool in a Council’s tool box when it comes to developing their LTP.

The purpose of a CD is to:

  • present the key issues and projects in a way that clearly explains what Council is trying to achieve, as well as the impact on rates, debt and the level of service delivered by Council;
  • enable communities to put forward their views and opinions on what key issues and projects should be included in their Council’s LTP; and
  • provide an opportunity to inform communities about other important issues and choices facing their district or region. 

What are we asking you to consider?

We’ve given a lot of thought to the key opportunities and challenges we face as a district. We’ve then identified some key project priorities that we think best address these.

These seven issues are those we’d like you to consider and provide feedback on. We call them the RIGHT DEBATE Items.

Route 52 (see Consultation Document, page 8)
Should we invest to strengthen this road to prepare for increased logging traffic or repair it as required?

Connectivity (see Consultation Document, page 10)
Should we invest to help increase mobile phone and internet coverage across the district?

Wastewater (see Consultation Document, page 12)
We’ve got more than one option to upgrade Eketahuna’s wastewater discharge. Which one do you prefer?

Stormwater (see Consultation Document, page 14)
We think we need to do further modelling before we undertake significant projects. What do you think?

Pensioner housing (see Consultation Document, page 16)
Improving population trends suggest we should now retain our pensioner housing. Do you agree?

Utility networks (see Consultation Document, page 18)
Should we invest in new utility networks to encourage the building of new houses?

Seal extensions (see Consultation Document, page 20)
Should we provide for modest new sealing of roads in the district?

You can learn more about the key issues and the proposed projects in our Consultation Document. Your opinion will help Council decide on the priorities over the coming years. 

Tell us what you think...

Our 2018-2028 Long Term Plan has been drafted but we’re waiting for your feedback before it is finalised. Are the projects we’re proposing the right ones for the Tararua District in your opinion?

You can give us your feedback by using one of the options outlined on page 38 of the Consultation Document, or you can make a submission online.

If you would like to speak in support of your submission to the Council, please indicate that request and time will be provided at the Council's meeting on 22 May 2018 for you to do so.

If you have any questions about this Consultation Document or the Long Term Plan in general please call us on 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110. You can also contact any of your Councillors to discuss the Long Term Plan.

Alternatively, you can come and talk to us at one of our Consultation Roadshow events we’ll be doing across the district...

Consultation Roadshow

Tararua District Council staff and Councillors will be touring the district at a series of lunchtime open days, giving residents the opportunity to come and talk directly about the issues that matter most to them.  These open days will be held during the formal consultation period, which runs from 9 April to 11 May. 

Come and talk to us at these places, times and venues: 

Woodville    Monday 16 April    11:30am– 1:30pm     Woodville i-SITE / Library / Service Centre
Eketahuna   Tuesday 17 April   11:30am– 1:30pm   Main Street, Eketahuna (next to the big Kiwi)
Dannevirke   Wednesday 18 April   11:30am– 1:30pm   Copenhagen Square
Pahiatua   Thursday 19 April   11:30am– 1:30pm   Main Street centre-strip, outside New World
Norsewood   Friday 20 April   11:30am– 1:30pm   War Memorial Hall
Herbertville   Monday 23 April   11:30am– 1:30pm   Herbertville Hotel
Pongaroa   Monday 30 April   11:30am– 1:30pm   War Memorial Hall

Key documents and supporting information

Key documents (click to download)

Consultation Document (1MB pdf)

Draft Long Term Plan 2018-2028 (3.5MB pdf)

Draft Fees and Charges 2018/2019 (173KB pdf)

Supporting documents (click to download)

Asset Management Policy (385KB pdf)

Asset Management Plans (Part A) (3.78MB pdf)

Treasury Risk Management Policy (148.5KB pdf)

Significance and Engagement Policy (121.3KB pdf)