Proposed Plan Change No.1 - Summary of Submissions

Pursuant to clause 7 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), the Tararua District Council hereby gives notice that a summary of the submissions received to Proposed District Plan Change No. 1 is now available and invites any interested person to make a further submission on any of the submissions received.

Click here to view the original Proposed Plan Change No. 1 consultation.
Click here to view our Operative District Plan.

Pursuant to clause 8 of the First Schedule of the RMA, any person may make a further submission to the Proposed Plan Change, but only in support of or in opposition to those submissions originally lodged under clause 6 of the First Schedule of the RMA. You can make an online submission here, or you may do so by sending a written further submission on the prescribed Form 6 to:

Tararua District Council
PO Box 115
26 Gordon Street
Dannevirke 4942

Or email it to

Submissions must be received by the Tararua District Council no later than 5pm on Tuesday 17 January, 2017.

You must also, within 5 working days after making the further submission to the Council, serve a copy of the further submission on the person who made the original submission to which the further submission relates.

Once the submission period has closed, all the submissions received will be assessed and officer reports prepared for consideration at a hearing of the submissions of those submitters wishing to be heard.

Following the hearing the Tararua District Council will make and notify its decisions. Any person who has made a submission, or further submission, on the Proposed Plan Change then has the right to appeal the Council’s decision to the Environment Court

Should you require further information or clarification about the Proposed Plan Change or the submission process, please contact Craig Lunn, Manager Regulatory Services.