Family Services Directory

If disaster struck in Tararua tomorrow who would you call for help? Would you know where to start? Would you know where to look? Why not start looking now – BEFORE disaster strikes. Check out the new Family Services Directory – connecting people with the providers who can help them.

Developed by the Ministry of Social Development the Family Services Directory is an online database providing easy access to a range of family related services and programmes within each district. It is presented in a user-friendly format where you can search for services by region/district, service type, or by entering key words. Disaster Recovery is one of the fifteen sections currently available. Others include Health, Education and Training, Employment, Family/Whanau and Youth Services, Addiction, and Legal or Civil Services.

Many providers in the Tararua District are already listed and the Council would like to encourage others to do the same. It is a free service - available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Check it out today!

Another great feature of the directory is that you can create your own “Contacts List” which you can print and have one copy on hand at home - (or in the office) - and another tucked in your emergency kit. If you haven’t already made up your emergency kit – Start one today!

We all hope we will never need to use our Emergency Kit – but would you want your family to be without one if a disaster struck tomorrow?

Be Prepared – in an emergency YOU could make all the difference!


Looking for support for you and your family?
The Family Services Directory lists organisations in your area that can help.