First Aid Kits

If someone you care for is injured in a disaster, your knowledge of First Aid may be the difference between life and death. Many organisations provide First Aid training courses. It is recommended that you take a First Aid course, followed by regular refresher sessions.

First Aid Kit

You can buy First Aid Kits ready made. If you are making your own, these items are recommended by St. John as the minimum required for families.

  • Triangular bandages (2)
  • Roller bandages- 50mm (1 roll) and 75 mm (1 roll)
  • Sterile gauze- 7.5 x 7.5 (2)
  • Adhesive wound dressing- 6 cm wide x 1 metre long (1 strip)
  • Plaster strip dressings (1 packet)
  • Adhesive tape- 25mm hypoallergenic (1 roll)
  • Sterile non-adhesive pads- small (2) and large (3)
  • Sterile eye pad
  • Eye wash container
  • Eye wash solution- Saline Steritube 30ml (1)
  • Antiseptic solution- Chlorhexidine Steritube 30ml (4)
  • Safety pins (1 card)
  • Scissors (1 pair)
  • Splinter forceps (1 pair)
  • Disposable gloves (2 pairs)
  • Accident register and pencil
  • First Aid Manual
  • Card listing local emergency numbers