Corridor Access Request

Tararua District Council is required under the Local Government Act to manage people working on the road, particularly utility network operators working within the road reserve.

Applying for a Corridor Access Request

The objectives of managing corridor access are to ensure that people working on the road do so safely and don’t present a hazard to the public, and to ensure that any proposed works will not conflict with Council assets and are reinstated properly on completion of works. That is why any person, or any business, planning to dig up part of the road/berm as part of a project (such as installing a new driveway or laying water pipes) must have an approved Corridor Access Request from the Corridor Manager.

Applications for a Corridor Access Request should be made at least 20 days prior to works commencing at the site. You must make sure that no works commence until you have received, in writing, permission to proceed. In most cases, the approval will be emailed back to you in plenty of time before your scheduled works are due to commence.

In conjunction with the Road Opening Notice, a 'Traffic Management Plan' must also be submitted for approval to the Council’s Corridor Manager.

Setting up a Traffic Management Plan

All traffic management plans must be completed by a qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) and temporary traffic control must be undertaken by a qualified Traffic Controller. The Corridor Manager will be able to advise you of suitable companies who may be able to assist with traffic management events in the Tararua.

Traffic Management Plans can be lodged electronically through the Corridor Access Request system.