Road Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the roading network ensures that the asset is maintained in a safe and serviceable condition, while extending the life of the asset to protect the investment made in it.

Network maintenance includes repairing surface faults such as potholes and seal cracking, particularly where they may present a hazard to the motorist, and maintaining roadside drains so that the pavement layers are kept free of excess water. The surface of the road and the associated drainage is maintained in such a way that any flooding of traffic lanes is kept to a minimum.

Important pavement and drainage maintenance activities include:

  • Grading of unsealed roads
  • Addition of metal to unsealed roads
  • Repair of pavement faults including potholes and digouts
  • Clearing of roadside shoulders and drains
  • Repairs to, and replacement of, kerb and channel and small culverts
  • Emergency works – attending to storm damage, flooding, slips and other hazards such as fallen trees