Tararua District Council believes that a strong, prosperous and growing local economy is one that attracts, welcomes and retains businesses and residents.

Factors such as the economy and population trends are outside the control of Council, however what we can control is the support given to our local businesses. For this reason, we are doing all that we can on things within our control to make sure local businesses are supported, whether that be through workshops, funding and grants or informing people of their legal requirements.

One of the Tararua Community Outcomes, identified by the people of Tararua, is focusing on the Economic Wellbeing of the Tararua District. This includes striving for a prosperous economy – one that creates employment opportunities, and supports business development, productive land use, tourism and community initiatives. Not only that, but we want to be a district that attracts visitors and retains residents. It is through strategies like Council’s Economic Development Strategy that we aim to achieve these outcomes.

The Council’s Economic Development Strategy is focused on supporting and facilitating growth in local business, building district identity, developing a clear economic development plan, promotion of the district and providing business friendly and welcoming support for new residents.

Council’s Shared Services Contract with Central Hawke’s Bay District Council means that we can work together in areas such as liquor licensing and environmental health – this helps keep costs down and gives us access to more expertise.

Application forms, industry resources, public information and information about the alcohol licensing process, as well as District Licensing Committee (DLC) hearing decisions.
Owning a business can be an exciting time. However, there are a lot of rules and regulations in place to ensure that your business looks after the safety of you and your customers.
Learn about industry in the Tararua District and what Council is doing to support growth.
The GO! Project has identified several crop options that are highly suitable for the Tararua District, enabling you to diversify your cropping and broaden your potential revenue base.
The Business Network has brought together services that had previously operated out of the under Council's Economic Development umbrella, making them easily accessible under one roof.