Camping Grounds

If you are interested in opening a new camping ground it is recommended that you contact the Tararua District Council to discuss your proposal.

Applying for registration

All camping grounds are required to register with their local Council, you can do this by completing an application for registration of camping grounds (129KB pdf). The registration is renewable each year and an annual fee applies.

Fees are available in the current years Fees and Charges.

If you are interested in opening a new camping ground, you will need to speak our Planning department and Building Control Officers to make sure that you do not need to apply for a resource or building consent before you operate.

You will also need to register your camping ground with us - to apply, you will need to complete an  and submit it to your nearest Council Service Centre.

Basic requirements

Camping grounds are inspected annually by the Environmental Health Officer to ensure they comply with the basic requirements of the Camping Grounds Regulations 1985.

The basic requirements you will need to consider to support your application for a camping ground will include:

  • Specific space and boundary requirements for each site;
  • The number of ablution, laundry and kitchen facilities ( this will depend on occupancy loading);
  • Paths and sites must be well marked and have adequate lighting available;
  • Availability of potable water;
  • Provisions for refuse and recycling;
  • Facilities must be maintained in a tidy and clean condition; and
  • Record keeping, pest control, building maintenance and cleaning practices must be well managed.

For further information, check out the New Zealand Legislation: Camping Grounds Regulations 1985.

Council contacts

Environmental Health Officer
P. 06 374 4080
F. 06 374 4137
Planning Team
P. 06 374 4080
F. 06 374 4137

Building Control Team
P. 06 374 4080
F. 06 374 4137