Food Stalls/Fundraising

All food stalls are required to consult with the Tararua District Council prior to setting up  - this is to ensure that they are fulfilling their requirements under the Food Act 2014.

Selling food at events

If you are planning on selling food at an event, it is essential that you contact the Tararua District Council and speak to the Environmental Health Officer at least 5 days prior to your planned event. This will ensure that enough time is allowed to grant approval for you to operate at your planned event.

The changes made under the Food Act 2014 do not affect every day fundraising activities for charitable organisations - however, there is a requirement for these activities not to exceed 20 times per year. If you are a private organisation or individual, the number is limited to one time per year.

If you wish to apply for a permit to sell food at a market stall, drop into your nearest Council Service Centre and pick up an Application for a Food Stall to fill out and return.

If you wish to exceed the number of times to sell food at market stalls, please contact the Environmental Health Officer for more information on the requirements.

Safe and Suitable Food

The Food Act 2014 requires that all vendors selling food ensure that it is both "safe" and "suitable".

If the foods you are preparing and selling are purchased from an approved seller of food items, you can be assured that these will meet the requirements for being both "safe" and "suitable" - provided that they are stored and handled correctly.

Community food under the Food Act 2014

The Food Act 2014 sets out what people need to do if they share, gift, donate or fundraise with food.

  • Kiwi traditions like sausage sizzles, home baking at school fairs, raffles and charity fundraisers are unaffected by the Act.
  • Food shared to support activities at a sports, social club or marae won't have to meet the new requirements either.

To learn more about how the Food Act 2014 affects community food and fundraising, visit the Community Food section of the Ministry for Primary Industries website

Home kill and recreational catch

For food safety reasons, home kill and recreational catch are not permitted to be sold under requirements set by the Ministry for Primary Industries, this includes venison, commercial home killed meats and seafoods. You may be required to provide proof of purchase if there are any doubts.

Council contacts

Environmental Health Officer
P. 06 374 4080
F. 06 374 4137