Housing for the Elderly

Our aim:

To provide access to affordable and suitable long-term housing for older people with limited income and assets.

Housing for the Elderly

Council owns and manages 67 housing units targeted for older people with limited incomes. Tenant rentals cover the ongoing cost of the provision of these units.

Elsinore Court (10 units)
Ballarat Court (9 units)
Aften Court (18 units)

Ruahine Complex (6 units)
Centennial Complex (6 units)

Kowhai Complex (15 units)

Eketahuna Complex (3 units)

All units are one bedroom, and are mainly for the older person, though this may vary from town to town.

For further information, please contact Community Assets Manager on 06 376 0110 or 06 374 4080.

Application forms are available from your nearest service centre, or phone 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110 to have one mailed out to you.

Tenant Contribution Units

Burns Street (4 units)
Gordon Street (4 units)
Tennyson Street (4 units)

These units are two bedroom units, and are operated on a lease purchase.

For further information, contact the Community Assets Manager on 06 374 4080.