Tararua REAP

Tararua REAP is unique in its role as a provider, facilitator and broker of life long learning opportunities for the communities of the Tararua District. Tararua REAP's programmes, resources and services are based on filling gaps in education provision through innovation and through the use of an extensive and comprehensive needs analysis process.

The organisation is split into four operational sectors:

Each sector is lead by a Coordinator who is responsible for delivering programmes to local communities.

The services provided by Tararua REAP are based on the following understandings and underlying principles:

  • REAPs are expected as part of their operations to routinely contact, network and liaise with all sections of their communities in order to achieve the outputs required.
  • Tararua REAP services will seek to align with other education, health, welfare, labour market and social policy interventions and initiatives, so that resource provision is seamlessly integrated.
  • Tararua REAP will combine national objectives with local priorities as identified by regular needs analysis across all sectors.
  • REAP activity will empower local service provision and encourage independence.