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 Businesses the backbone of our towns and villages

Pride in being part of the town and a cornerstone of the community is very important for all Tararua business owners.  

So much depends on the survival and growth of local businesses, with Council’s #LoveLocalTararua campaign designed to support those who back our towns and villages. Our towns are dependent on business owners supporting local sporting teams, the community, their events and organisations and by doing so they are the strong fabric of every community.

Suresh Patel, of Shires Fruit and Vege Market in Dannevirke, believes local businesses are one of the most important aspects' of any town.

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 A new way to connect with customers and Love Local

Local businesses have adapted to the challenges that have arisen during the Covid-19 pandemic. A shift in sales strategies has been needed for some to ensure that maximum benefit can be made from the domestic market.

One business that was in a great position to capitalise on the resurgence of New Zealand-made goods and the Love Local Tararua campaign is The New Zealand Natural Clothing Company.

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Take time to explore all Tararua has to offer

As we head into August, the final month of winter, many are beginning to think about their plans for getting out and about this spring. Tararua District Council is encouraging residents to Love Local and consider checking out some of the local attractions and activities this spring.

Tararua District councillor Shirley Hull is passionate about what our district has to offer and is always encouraging people to explore and enjoy.

I feel like a salesperson in every conversation with folk who live outside our district,” she said. “Just recently I was having a chat to one of the road traffic management team on the Pahiatua Street Upgrade. He is from Feilding, but works in Pahiatua every day, however, he hasn’t had the opportunity to ‘see’ what is around. He was blown away learning about the Tararua District’s jewels!”

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Tararua District: An exciting place for visitors and locals alike 

Since the end of the Covid-19 lockdown Dannevirke’s Camping Ground has been a popular destination, with people keen to get out and about once more.

“It’s been very busy, with a lot of people in campervans and caravans,” Manager, Kim Spooner-Taylor, said.

The camping ground, owned by the Tararua District Council, is in a tranquil setting, surrounded by native bush and trees. Top class amenities include a renovated community kitchen, dining room, guest television lounge and playground.

“People have been getting out since lockdown and many have come to Dannevirke to catch up with relatives and friends. They love it here because it’s clean, quiet and cost-friendly.”

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Spending locally powers our economy

Our local businesses need your support now more than ever and through the #LoveLocalTararua campaign the District Council is encouraging everyone to support businesses across our district, buying local when they can.

And as Caroline Charlton, the owner of Faith on Dannevirke’s High Street says, “it’s a powerful thing if you are spending money locally.”

Caroline said business is see-sawing up and down at the moment and it’s hard to gauge because there’s a long road ahead.

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MicrosoftTeams-image (20).png Now’s the time to #LoveLocal rural communities

The drought and COVID-19 haven’t clipped the wings of a Dannevirke business, which is buzzing with success and employing more locals, but this isn't the case for all.

“To “love our local” rural people during this time and over many months will be important – for social wellbeing and our economic recovery. It might be as simple as making contact with some of your farming friends for a chat. Supporting our rural businesses by buying local means those businesses can continue to help our farming communities’ way into the future. Let’s not forget it is those small businesses which help sponsor school sports teams or help out with social events, providing a much-needed break for our farmers.”

Tararua District councillor, Sharon Wards saying COVID-19, the third “crisis” to hit our rural communities and businesses after water shortages and a drought, meant our rural people became more isolated and had to adjust to another way of working.

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Trades are building our economy back Up 

The building sector in Tararua District is a multi-million-dollar business, helping to grow a strong, economic future for our district. 

The Tararua District Council’s Building Services Department has processed $22,116,849 of building consents since July 1, 2019, an increase from $14,712,706 in the 2018/19 year and $13,400,556 in 2017/18. For the 2019/20 year, 316 applications were received, up from 304 in 2018/19 and 312 in 2017/18.

Joss Tua-Davidson, owner of JTD Building Ltd, in Pahiatua, is one of those who are, “really busy.”

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_DSC2050.jpg  Tararua District businesses navigate the ‘new normal’

Innovation and adaptability are key to navigating the new normal of COVID-19 restrictions for large businesses in the Tararua District.

District Mayor Tracey Collis said we are extremely fortunate to have outstanding large firms within the Tararua District that are committed to spending locally wherever they can, employing our people and helping us out when the community needs assistance too.

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 Local Tradies continue to Provide Great Service

The Tararua District Council’s #LoveLocalTararua campaign is designed to help our residents come together to buy from and support local businesses so we can retain those businesses and employment to ensure the vibrancy of our towns.

Dannevirke plumber Brian Beale believes we have a community which is great at supporting local businesses. 

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Community Support is the Key to on-going Survival for Business

Across the district, this sector has had to make big changes in the way they work, with more changes to come when we transition to Alert Level 2.

But residents throughout the district, responding to the District Council’s #LoveLocalTararua campaign, and desperate for their coffee and takeaway fix, have been keen to support local businesses.

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Tararua Businesses are the Fabric of our Towns and VillagesIMG_3002.jpg

As Tararua slowly begins to come to life again after the Covid-19 lockdown, The Tararua District Council’s campaign #LoveLocalTararua focuses on the livelihoods of all who work in our district.

“I have a real heartfelt view of economic and business development, which has never been needed more than now." Tararua District councillor Kerry Sutherland said.

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#LoveLocalTararua Campaign Launch to Support our District.Logo - Love Local Tararua - black orange transparent.png

As we leave Level 4 of Covid-19 lockdown, it’s vital we help local businesses recover by wholeheartedly supporting them.

The Tararua District Council is promoting #LoveLocalTararua, a campaign Eketahuna Community Board chairman Charlie Death believes will be key to the future of our district.

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