Animal Control Officers go Above and Beyond for our Furry Friends

The Tararua District Council’s Animal Control team have a genuine passion for the wellbeing of animals, often going above and beyond for their welfare.

Last week the team carried out an extraordinary and difficult rescue of a farm dog that had been missing for more than 10 days, believing she had possibly been stolen.

Passers-by reported hearing whining, then spotting the dog stranded below a sheer, clay bank alongside the Mangatainoka River.

“The River was swift and quite high, meaning we were unable to cross safely, so we decided to approach from West Road side. But the going was tough with blackberry and vines, along with the steepness of the bank making it very difficult,” commented their team leader.

“Battling that blackberry was quite difficult,” one of the team members admitted. “But it was a very warm day, and we knew we had to get to the thin, gaunt dog who was trying to lick moisture from the bank. It quite possibly had fallen into the river at some stage, then scrambled up the bank, as it would not swim across.”

The dog was obviously stressed and, looking at the amount of faeces on the ledge, it was apparent to the team that it had been there for some time.

“Once reaching the dog, making sure it was calm and comfortable was the priority. I gave her pats and rubs, but apparently she isn’t usually a dog for cuddles,” said the team member. The dog had to be carried, as it wouldn’t lead, up a near vertical bank covered in scrub and blackberry.

Thankfully a third team member was able to locate and inform the owner who, along with a delighted audience, watched every move from the Mangatainoka Reserve.

“They were as excited as us to see the dog rescued,” said the team leader. “It makes me feel extremely proud to have an animal control team which is always ready to go the extra mile.”

Tararua District Council’s Animal Control say the amazing rescue was a real team effort.



Photo: Dog Stranded alongside Mangatainoka River


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