Campaign encourages responsible camping

A recently launched campaign to encourage ‘responsible camping’ has seen Tourism New Zealand partner with i-SITES, Tourism Aotearoa and rental vehicle operators throughout the country.

The campaign which encourages people to plan their journeys, use facilities and leave no trace, reflects the principles of the Tiaki – Care for New Zealand initiative that was launched in November last year.

Tiaki – Care for New Zealand explains to Kiwis and international visitors why caring for our people and places is important. 

The camping campaign builds on this, and informs and encourages people to act in a way that respects these principles while they are camping.

This is the first time Tourism New Zealand has run a domestic campaign to encourage responsible camping and it involves a number of components, including digitally targeting campers using social media, advertising responsible camping on websites where people may buy vehicles to travel the country.

The i-SITE network is a crucial part of the campaign. All 80 i-SITES across the country are giving out reusable canvas bags (camping ketes) that are printed with responsible camping information, these are also available at participating rental vehicle operators. 

Tararua i-SITE manager Carole Wilton believes the campaign is an excellent initiative.

“We have a reasonably permissive policy for camping in Tararua. We want to protect our wonderful free and low cost camping areas and encourage all visitors to camp responsibly, respecting our environment, people and places.

“This campaign will help us achieve this.”


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