Changes to Glass Recycling

Residents are reminded that from the 1 July a new method of glass recycling will begin in Tararua District.

Until now glass collected in the district was sent to the Eketahuna Landfill, to be re-used as temporary cover material.

With this facility closing at the end of June, Tararua District Council in conjunction with Palmerston North City Council will from the 1 July begin sending all of its glass for recycling to O-I Glass Recyclers in Auckland.

One major change to glass recycling for residents is that all glass must be colour sorted as it is disposed of.

To enable this, Council has converted shipping containers, which are partitioned into three separate compartments for colour sorting into clears, greens and browns.

Separating the colours is critical, as failing to put the glass into the correct place will see O-I Glass Recyclers reject the load and deposit it into landfill at council’s expense.

While it’s important to ensure glass is correctly colour sorted, residents also need to be aware of what glass will not be accepted by O-I Recyclers.

Anything that is not a food or beverage bottle or jar will not be accepted and must not be put into the recycling bins.

Items that will not be accepted include light bulbs, drinking glasses, pyrex dishes, glass ornaments or window glass, all of which if introduced into the manufacturing process later could cause production problems and defective containers.

To ensure there is no confusion, signage will be installed at all depots showing clearly which colour glass goes where and what glass cannot be recycled.

Solid Waste Services (Dvke) was the successful tenderer for the contract to collect the glass from the districts recycling sites and load and weigh the different colours separately at its new base in Dannevirke, adjacent to its recycling plant.

This will enable council to know exactly how much glass is being recycled from each centre.



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