Children love Winter Warmers reading programme

An incentive based reading programme for primary school children, is certainly proving popular with children in Tararua.

This year more than 1250 children from 16 Tararua primary schools registered for “Climb into Reading” the theme of this year’s “Winter Warmers” programme.

Prior to the programme beginning, library staff visited schools delivering books and programme booklets in readiness for the event.

Children received a reading booklet to write their reviews in or draw pictures about the library books they had read.

The booklet also contains a reading map where stickers are placed for each review they record. Once they have 5 stickers they receive a small prize, for 7 stickers they earn a HELL Pizza voucher and for 10 stickers (the maximum) there is another prize.

Each year HELL Pizza sponsors a nationwide Reading Challenge where primary children who read 7 books receive a pizza voucher, this year the challenge was incorporated into the “Winter Warmers” programme, which runs over a period of seven weeks. During this time library staff will visit each school several times during term time to check their progress.

Once the programme has finished, programme finales will be held at each school (and at each library for those children not participating through a school). At the finales, each child will receive a party bag and those who have at least 5 stickers in their booklets will receive a prize book and certificate.

Tararua District Librarian, Heather Taylor says the programme is one that she is really passionate about.

“This is an annual event that is generously sponsored by Eastern & Central Community Trust.  This year we had a really enthusiastic response and places filled quickly.”

Ms Taylor says the programme is all about building networks between our libraries, our schools and our children.

“If you build the joy of reading at an early age, this will lead to more literate adults in the future,” Ms Taylor said.

This year thanks to the Eastern & Central Community Trust, children were also treated to some wonderful free entertainment by the musical group “Rhubarb” who performed at libraries throughout the district during the holidays.












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