Council contenders put their best feet forward for the 2019 Local Elections

A record number of candidates have thrown their hats in the ring for the upcoming Tararua District Council elections.

When the deadline for nominations passed at midday on Friday 16 August there were 31 nominations received for Tararua District Council positions and local community boards and 28 nominations received for other boards and trusts in the region (as listed below).

Electoral Officer Sandy Lowe says she is pleased with the level of interest from the community and encourages voters to learn more about the candidates so they can make an informed decision when voting opens.

Voting documents will be delivered between 20-25 September 2019 and voting will close at 12 noon on Saturday 12 October 2019.

For further information, please contact:

Sandy Lowe, Electoral Officer
06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110

Katrina Kerr, Deputy Electoral Officer
06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110

The nominations are as follows:

Nominations for Tararua District Council positions are listed in pseudo random order.  

Mayor (1 vacancies)

  • McHardy, Mitch (Aotearoa Independent)
  • Harold, James (Independent) 
  • Collis, Tracey

North Tararua Ward (4 vacancies)

  • McKenzie, Kay 
  • Peeti-Webber, Erana (A fresh young voice for the future) 
  • Mullins, Punga 
  • Gibbard, Neil (Approachable, accountable, community minded) 
  • Wards, Sharon 
  • Long, Michael Francis 
  • Sutherland, Kerry 
  • Driver, Paddy (Community first) 
  • Stewart, Brent (New Voice, Working for You) 
  • Isaacson, Carole Jean 
  • Crispin, Jim 
  • Mulinder, Kathryn (Passionate Open-minded Approachable) 
  • Barnett, Philip James

South Tararua Ward (4 vacancies)

  • Hull, Shirley 
  • Johns, Peter 
  • Tyler, Rena 
  • Franklin, Alison 
  • Treder, Raylene Ann (New ideas, fresh youthful energy and genuine passion)

Dannevirke Community Board (4 vacancies)

  • Macdonald, Ross 
  • Spooner-Taylor, Kim 
  • Hema, Malia (Working with the community for the community) 
  • Hynes, Terry 
  • Walshe, Pat

Eketahuna Community Board (4 vacancies)

  • Death, Charlie 
  • Clifton, Denise (Independent) 
  • Carew, Terry 
  • McGhie, Steen 
  • Wilson, Pauline (Getting stuff done)

Horizons Regional Council Tararua Constituency (1 vacancy)

  • Benbow, Allan 
  • Day, Andrew 
  • Stephenson, Lorraine

MidCentral District Health Board Members (7 members)

  • Astarte 
  • Browning, Heather 
  • Dennison, Vaughan 
  • Feyen, Michael (Independent) 
  • Findlay, Lew (Independent) 
  • Gregory, Adrian (Independent) 
  • Hancock, Muriel 
  • Lock, Dorothy 
  • Naylor, Karen 
  • Pause, Cat 
  • Pillow, Leslie 
  • Tayler, Rebecca 
  • Waldon, John 
  • Warren, Jenny 
  • Warwick, Shelly

Greater Wellington Regional Council – part of the District only (1 vacancy)

  • Borren, Pim (Independent) 
  • Moore, Richard L (Independent) 
  • Staples, Adrienne

Masterton Community Trust - part of the District only (6 members)

  • Antonio, Mena (Caring for our community) 
  • Goodwin, Brent (A better return to the community) 
  • Griffiths, Lucy 
  • Haeata, Aileen (Huck) (Independent) 
  • Johnson, Bex (Proud to call Masterton home) 
  • Kershaw, Jock (Independent) 
  • Lodge, Alan 
  • Milnes, Belinda (Independent) 
  • Southey, Ray 
  • Taucher, Karl (Independent)

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