CouncilMARK releases new report for Tararua District Council

The Independent Assessment Board which oversees CouncilMARK™, the local government excellence programme, has today released a report containing ratings and assessments for Tararua District Council.

IAB Chair Toby Stevenson says the CouncilMARK™ report, which can be found here, measures indicators across leadership, finance, asset management, service delivery and community engagement.

“The report has been completed by independent assessors under the direction of the board, and offers an independent assessment of the council’s performance in key areas, providing valuable information to the council and its community. Measuring performance means councils can assess how to better deliver ongoing and increased value to ratepayers,” says Mr Stevenson.

CouncilMARK™ was launched in August 2016 with 18 councils signed up for the inaugural year. This report is the twenty-third report to be released so far.

Mr Stevenson says the reports are designed to give councils and communities an informed and independent view on how they are carrying out their roles, including where they are excelling and areas for improvement.

“CouncilMARK™ has been designed to improve the public's knowledge of the work councils are doing in their communities and to support individual councils to further improve the service and value they provide to all New Zealanders,” he says.

Mr Stevenson says the focus is now on the programme’s third year and participation of all remaining councils.

“The more councils that embark on CouncilMARK™, the greater its impact will be in promoting continuous improvement and a stronger reputation for the whole sector, which greatly benefits our country.”


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