Dog Registration benefits everyone

Whether it’s a faithful companion, a much-loved member of your family, or a working dog, your pooch must be registered. 

Registering your dog is compulsory in New Zealand and the Tararua District Council, along with every other Territorial Authority, is required to keep a register of all dogs. 

Dogs must be registered from three months of age, with the data is recorded on the National Dog Database. 

Registration is due every year on July 1 and as a dog owner it’s up to you to apply. Don’t wait for an invoice if this is the first time you are registering your dog. If your dog was registered last year you should receive a registration form in the mail during July. But don’t just assume a form will come your way. If you don’t receive a registration form, you will need to collect one from a Council Service Centre in your town or phone, 06 374 4080 (North) or 06 376 0110 (South) and request one be sent to you.

When you have completed your registration form, please return it to Council with the corresponding payment or payment details on or before August 1. Failure to register your dog after August 31 result in a fine of $300 for each unregistered dog and you risk having it seized and impounded. 

And, doggone it, you may also lose any preferred owner status you may have previously had and be ineligible to apply again for 12-months. 

As well as being a responsible owner, several benefits which come from registering your dog. The registration tag is proof of ownership and if your dog is found and is wearing its tag, you will be contacted as soon as possible to arrange the release of your dog. When moving to another district, you can take your Tararua District Council tag to your new local council and it will be exchanged for one of theirs at no charge. 

Your dog registration pays for a 24/7 animal control service that responds to dog attacks, aggressive dogs, uncontrolled dogs and nuisance barking. 

You can find all relevant forms and information on the website and remember, once you have completed your registration form, return it to Council with payment details on or before August 1.

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