Extreme weather delays districts water projects

Several recent extreme weather events plus a fire, have caused significant delays to work on a number of “water projects” within the district.

Dave Watson, Tararua District Council, group manager plant and property, says the delays have been unavoidable, as work on projects such as the Woodville impounded supply, Akitio water treatment plant and Pongaroa rural supply reservoir are all very much “weather dependent.”

“Currently the cover installation at the Woodville site is underway, approximately 80 percent is in place, but further weather conditions could delay the completion. Once the cover is completed, the ballast weights will be installed on top of the cover which allows the cover to sit on top of the water level and drop and rise with the level.

“If we could anticipate 2 weeks of good weather we could almost get it completed and hopefully start putting water into storage,” he said.

The recent storms have also affected water at Pongaroa, which became very turbid (dirty) after the heavy rainfall in the hills.

Mr Watson says while the rural supply reservoirs at Pongaroa are currently routinely being cleaned, they will have to wait until any sediment in the system has been eliminated and the chlorine levels return to the required levels for customer use. Three clear lab samples need to be received before the Boil Water Notice can be lifted.

In Akitio the treatment plant, electrical installation and pipework has been completed. Mr Watson says a transducer and cable now needs to be “ploughed” in from the plant to the first storage tank on the hill. This has been held up with wet weather and the need for heavy machinery to complete the work.

“This will allow staff remote control through our Scada telemetry system for the treated water production and automatic shutoff of the plant, once demand has been met. Without this control, treated water would run to waste.”

While bad weather was responsible for many delays, work on the Pahiatua Reservoir was delayed due to fire.

With the reservoir roof structure and trusses attached, the fabricated components for the reservoir walls, which were in Wellington awaiting transportation to Pahiatua, were destroyed in a fire.

Mr Watson says replacement components will be dispatched from Sydney on the 18th October with a delivery date 1st November.

“We are waiting for the revised construction timetable.

“Once they are on site we will have an idea of when this will be completed.”


Woodville water impound .jpg

Image: Woodville Impound Supply

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