For safety's sake keep your trees and shrubs trimmed

Residents are being urged to trim overhanging trees and shrubs that encroach onto the footpath.

These can cause problems for pedestrians, especially the elderly and those on mobility scooters, sometimes resulting in them choosing the dangerous option of moving out onto the road, because pavement space is taken up.

Tararua District Council, General Inspector says, another problem at this time of year is falling leafs and foliage, this can make pavements slippery and dangerous to walk on especially if there is rain. 

“It’s not just the pavements either, overhanging trees or shrubs can also cause problems for road users, blocking visibility of vehicles coming out of driveways or preventing a clear view of roadsigns.

“I regularly receive calls from concerned neighbours or pedestrians reporting these issues, “she says.

If you’re pruning your trees and shrubs, or working in your garden, take a look at any vegetation or hedging that is growing on your boundary with the pavement. If it’s starting to overhang or block the pavement in anyway, please think of others and trim it back so they can pass safely.


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