Going Hard and Early, Lets be Water Wise

Alternate day water restrictions are intended to help us avoid an escalation in water shortages as the inevitable hot, dry weather arrives. Due to this Council will be enforcing Level 2 restrictions (Alternate day restrictions) from 1 December 2020.

As Jacinda Ardern said during Covid, “Go hard, go Early.” But here in Tararua we will start early and conserve early for later in the summer.

And we can all do our bit - starting right now because we can all remember the summer of 2019/20 when our district sizzled under hot, dry conditions, with a medium-scale drought event declared. This affected our communities in a big way, with the affects still lingering, especially in our rural hinterland. Our farming communities learned valuable lessons last summer and have changed their farming practices. They know the hot, dry weather dries up the available feed and reduces farm water supplies, so they are preparing ahead by either making extra feed or buying in, to better withstand the drought. Just like our farmers, urban residents need to be prepared too.

Council is taking measures to improve the efficiency and management of our water supply, but it’s up to all of us to do our bit. We can hide from the situation and hope for rain, but like last summer, it may not come. We all need to be water smart and be aware of how we can help our district.

  • Make sure your tanks, spas and swimming pools are full. Remember, covering your pool when not in use, can slash evaporation by 95 per cent.
  • To ensure your garden survives and thrives, consider installing a catchment system for your home to harvest and store water. Your veges and flowers will love you for it and you’ll be water smart in the knowledge you are helping our district get through the water shortage.
  • Retailers around Tararua are selling storage tanks, many 1000 litres, but get in now, as demand is sure to rise, unlike the levels in our rivers and streams.
  • Now is also the time to get those water blasting jobs done. Don’t put them off until the height of summer, water restrictions could put your plans at risk.
  • Fix your dripping taps. One drip a second from a leaking tap can add up to around 28 litres a day, which adds up to 2500 litres every three months, enough to fill a rubbish skip.
  • Upgrading your appliances? Retailers have the latest in water efficient appliances, meaning you can simply use less water by purchasing one which has plenty of stars on its water rating label.

Also keep an eye out for Councils new district water signage which will be popping up over the next couple months.They will be appearing in our the towns of Eketāhuna, Pahiatua, Woodville, Dannevirke, Norsewood and Pongaroa. 

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