Growth in Herbertville leads to new street numbering

Residents of Herbertville’s Seaview Road attended an evening public meeting on 22 July to discuss Tararua District Council’s intention to re-allocate and create new street addresses of the properties on Seaview Road, Herbertville.  Changes would take place from the beginning of the road for about a kilometre.  Just under 20 affected people attended the meeting and were able to review maps and a list of the changes. 

It was explained at the meeting that Council is now required to re-allocate the street addresses as the current system of addressing no longer meets the New Zealand addressing standard.

In 1996, numbers that relied on a distance measure were assigned to the existing properties of Seaview Road – these were called Rural Address Property Identification (RAPID) numbers.  Over the years, more sections have been created on Seaview Road than the RAPID numbers allow and there are now no numbers remaining for allocation in some areas.  To remedy this, Council needs to re-allocate these properties to a sequential numbering system, rather than the current RAPID numbering system.

Council is able to do implement this change under Section 319B(1) of the Local Government Act 1974: 

For electoral, postal, and other purposes the council may allocate a number to any area of land or building or part of a building within its district and may change the number allocated to any such area of land or building.

This change will come into effect from Monday, 29 July 2019.  Aside from a change of address, residents should not incur any other impacts.  This change does not affect property zoning, valuation or rates.  Council is working alongside New Zealand Post to find ways to minimise disruption to the affected residents.

Maps with the new address numbers can be found at the Cape Turnagain Golf Club, Herbertville Camping Ground, Herbertville Fire Station and on the Council’s website (below) or by email request to project lead, Violet Christison.

Questions about this matter should be directed to project lead, Violet Christison:

06 374 8080 or 06 376 0110


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