Important Council Engineering Work Continued Under Lockdown

Tanks are the latest addition in the new Pahiatua Water Treatment Plant

During the Covid 19 lockdown, Council and key suppliers have continued work on essential upgrades to our water treatment plants, to ensure public health.

Morris & Bailey and Smith Engineering along with the Council’s project team have coped with the increased safety measures whilst improving the Woodville filter backwash system and building the new Pahiatua Water Treatment Plant.

The Woodville Water Treatment Plant has a backwashing filter process which uses around 60,000 litres per cycle, drawing treated water from the reservoirs. This backwash may occur once or twice every 24-hour period depending on water quality. The procedure also equates to 2 hours of lost treatment time whilst the filters are being flushed.

We are replacing this system with the installation of 4 concrete tanks and associated pipework giving us 120,000 litres of stored raw water to carry out the back-wash function and retain the potable water in the reservoir. These tanks replenish over an extended period from either the impounded supply or water intake. The plant now will effectively only lose 20-30 mins of plant production.

Pahiatua New Membrane Plant

Work has been continuing with the new plant building that houses a state-of-art treatment system to remove taste and odour issues from either bore or river water.

With the building now nearly complete, five shipping containers housing the filtration components have arrived on site from our project partners Filtec. These components were pre-built in Filtec’s Auckland factory, to speed up install time on site.

 BTG140520TD2.jpg                     BTG140520TD3.jpg
Left: Piping for the new Woodville Back Wash System has been installed.          Right: The back-wash joinery is complex.



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