Local Tradies continue to Provide Great Service

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Dannevirke plumber Brian Beale believes we have a community that is great at supporting local businesses.

Brian, who was on call throughout Covid-19 lockdown, said local support is appreciated.

“I think we are very lucky to have a community which supports locals so well,” he said.
The Tararua District Council’s #LoveLocalTararua campaign is designed to help our residents come together to buy from and support local businesses so we can retain those businesses and employment to ensure the stability of our communities.

Adam Tulloch of Adam Tulloch Electricall in Pahiatua said businesses need local support to survive.

And the money-go-round is vitally important for all businesses and towns in the district.

“Our spending goes back into the town,” he said. “More work would be welcome, we were on call over lockdown, with a couple of callouts in Alert Level 4, but then in Level 3, people decided to wait until Level 2, but I think now people are scared to call out tradespeople. The thing is, we spend as much as we can locally and we support all the other trades too.”

Adam Tulloch Electrical also sponsors a number of Pahiatua sports organisations and other groups.

Tararua District Mayor, Tracey Collis, said when living rurally, if the services of tradesmen are needed, it’s often the case of phoning around the neighbours to see if anyone else needs work carried out too.

“That saves us travel costs and creates greater efficiency for the tradespeople,” she said.
“Using our local plumbers and electricians gives me great confidence because they know our area well and provide great service and backup when it matters most, usually when something goes wrong. Helpful, friendly and trusted springs to mind when I make the call to use locals every time. It’s all about staying true to our #LoveLocalTararua campaign.”

Dannevirke plumber, Mark Dean from Mark Dean Plumbing and Drainlaying, said while business is a bit slow, he can understand the reasons why.

“It’s understandable as people work out where their money lies,” he said.

During Alert Level 4, Mark had some work from the Tararua District Council on their water treatment plant in Pahiatua, but he said at the moment the general public are “just watching their pennies.”

But like everyone, Mark is hoping people will support the #LoveLocalTararua campaign.

Tararua District councillor, and Pahiatua business owner, Alison Franklin, agrees people are being cautious with their spending.

“I wonder if Covid-19 will impact the way we spend into the future,” she said. “There probably won’t be enough discretionary money around for a while so we need to change the way some businesses, including our own, operate. #LoveLocalTararua is about trying to keep money in our community and getting it circulating. I’m hopeful people will spend locally, rather than going over the hill. It’s the unknown at the moment but we’ve got to stay positive. Money spent locally goes around town six times.”

Alison said people expect businesses to sponsor things, but they don’t realise the money comes from the business owners bottom line.

“Shop locally,” she said. “We are positive about the future.”

Isaac Peach, of Peach Plumbing . Gasfitting . Drainlaying based in Woodville, said he has been very busy over lockdown, with calls for essential service.

“We service all the Tararua district, the rural communities and townships,” he said.

“We support the locals and they are supporting us as far as I can see and they’re getting a good service.”

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