Pahiatua On Track committee approves $25,000 funding for cultural design elements of Town Upgrade

An exciting development for the Pahiatua Town Centre Upgrade has come about at the Pahiatua On Track committee meeting last night as the committee approved $25,000 of funding towards the project.

It was identified early that the upgrade project offers an opportunity for iwi and council to work together to produce a narrative that highlights the culture and heritage of Pahiatua and the pre-colonial settlement of the land and its abundant resources.

The newly approved funding will cover the design elements that have been developed in collaboration with the local iwi. Conversations about the upgrade started with the Pahiatua Marae committee in 2018 and a working relationship was established. Since then, the Project Team and the Marae have worked closely together to develop these designs.


Photo: Discussions between the Project Team and Pahiatua Marae to review the draft designs.

The elements included in the designs involve flax, bird and fishing traps, eels and eel tracks and native wildlife. These occur along the backs of seats and on key sections of kerbs. Alongside these elements stainless-steel insets of eels, koura (freshwater crayfish) and mussels will occur along the main path, indicating the many river flows central to the culture and landscape of the surrounding area.

The below image demonstrates the designs inset into the new seating blocks. The images displayed are not the final designs.


Project Team members Tararua District Councillor Shirley Hull and Pahiatua Marae representative Hiria Tua presented to the Pahiatua On Track committee to request the funding and the committee Chair, Louise Powick, is pleased with the outcome.

“Congratulations to Shirley and Hiria for a comprehensive presentation that enabled a consensus decision to be easily made by committee.  This is a big grant for Pahiatua On Track and we are pleased to be able to contribute to the upgrade in a way that celebrates such a significant part of our history.”


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