Pahiatua Town Upgrade - What next?

Following three successful public consultation sessions last year, the Project Team have been working on finalising the “above ground” design.

Once this has been finalised, it will then be time for the consenting process to begin.

Tararua Alliance Planning Manager, Rob Sharp, says they are currently working through the specifics with the NZ Transport Agency around the proposed design and ensuring they are fit for purpose, safe, and that parties such as the Road Transport Association are supportive.

While the landscaping design is now at the final design stage where they are looking at exact measurements and quantities, and confirming the location of specific street furniture and plantings, the below ground works are nearing the construction phase.

“We are ironing out the specific details around construction methodology and to minimise the disruption to landowners and businesses,” says Mr Sharp. 

“We anticipate the physical works, trenching and excavations to start before the end of this financial year and will begin at the northern end of town near the intersection of Cambridge and Paterson Streets. Above ground work is expected to begin in 2020.”

Tararua District Mayor Tracey Collis says she is pleased the community has been involved along the way, and is pleased the consultation period attracted good resident buy-in.

“We wanted to bring the community on board and have their say on how they wanted their town to look.

“I believe we have achieved this and look forward to revitalising Pahiatua and making it attractive to locals and visitors alike.”

Governance lead of the upgrade project, Councillor Shirley Hull, says while the working party are busy developing the final design and details, Louise Powick, Hiria Tua and herself have been working on relationships with the Polish Community and Iwi, to develop the personality and story of their town through the upgrade.

Mr Sharp says, communication and public awareness, as well as stakeholder liaison and interaction, will be the key focus for the Project Team over the coming weeks and months, with updates available as work progresses.


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