Staff safety is a priority for Council

Guardian_Angel_s.jpgTararua District Council’s Animal Control team now carry Guardian Angel personal alarms when out on the job.

With a number of features designed to enhance the safety of those using them, the alarms are particularly useful for anyone working alone, or at an isolated site where help may not be readily available if needed.

With the ability to operate in and out of cell phone coverage, the alarms operate as a personal location beacon and are connected to a 24/7 monitoring service. If an alarm is activated they will immediately notify Police an event has occurred and the location of the alarm, effectively speeding up the process of helping someone in an emergency situation.

While the alarms can be activated manually by the simple pulling of a latch, they will also send an alert if dropped or not moved for a period of time, both possible indicators that someone may have fallen, been in an accident, or need assistance.

Craig Lunn, Tararua District Council, Manager of Regulatory Services describes the alarms as a response to the health and safety risks faced by lone workers.

“We need to make sure that Animal Control Officers have the protection to do their job safely. These alarms are the same model as those already being used by other councils.”

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