Tararua District Charter Parade

Come join us while over 100 soldiers from the 1st Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment exercise their right to march down Main Street of Dannevirke on Saturday 5 December at 10.30am.

The Charter parade is a tradition going back centuries that signifies the bond between the military and the people, where a military unit entrusted with the protection of a city is permitted to march through the streets with Drums beating, Colours flying, Bayonets fixed and Swords drawn.

This historical march dates back to Roman Times when weapons were generally banned in and we are proud to be the first District to bestow this honour on our local Battalion.

Our Mayor Tracey Collis will review the parade at the Junction of High street and ward street, so come along and view this spectacular event and then stay to watch the Christmas Parade straight after at 12.00pm. 

 Poster - Charter Parade 2018.jpg 1RNZIR Drum Corp.JPG

Photos: 1st Battalion marching in the 2016 & 2018 Charter Parade 


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