Tararua Libraries gain Valuable Database

These days libraries do so much more than issuing books and magazines.

They are more important than ever for accessing trusted information, with EBSCO the leading provider of vast research databases, e-journals, images, periodicals newspapers, maps and so much more. If you have a library card it’s all there at your fingertips – even from home- more than 90,000 items.

Tararua libraries now have the EBSCO database live for a period of six months.

As well as information from Australian and New Zealand reference centres, you can also access information from international journals, Pam Dais, Tararua’s Admin Librarian, said.

“There is a real demand from people for good quality information and as we are in quite unsettled times because of Covid-19, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty,” she said “Library card holders can query things such as Covid and find a vast array of peer-reviewed and academic information.

“You are not going to find these articles and information by doing a Google search.”

Tararua is very lucky to have the EBSCO database through the NZ Libraries Participation Programme. Joining a Tararua library is free to all local residents, simply visit one of the libraries with photo ID and proof of address. A staff member will join you up.

“There are no barriers to library access for anyone,” Pam said.

The Government has entrusted the NZ Libraries Participation Programme with $58.8 million over four years, to work with libraries across New Zealand as they recognise libraries play a crucial role in Covid recovery.

“The package recognises the need for resources,” Pam said.

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