Tararua Properties to be Revalued

A rating valuation is a three-yearly assessment of a property's value and is determined by house sale prices on a specific date. We use these valuations as a guide for setting your rates.

A general Valuation is scheduled to be completed this year. 

The Valuer General's office has advised the following dates for the Tararua District Revaluation.

Effective date of valuation:   1 September 2020
OVG basis and electronic file due at auditors:  20 November 2020
OVG site visit - 2 days commencing; 30 November 2020
Date of implementation: 16 January 2021
Date of Public Notice: 20 January 2021
 Appropriate date owners notices posted: 27 January 2021
Objection Closing Date; 5 March 2021


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