Tararua libraries enter era of 'ePukapuka'

Tararua libraries are now officially part of ePukapuka, an online catalogue of e-books and e-audio books which can be downloaded to electronic devices (except Kindle and Amazon Fire).

Epukapuka, an adaptation of the Maori word for book, currently offers library users an impressive selection of more than 21,000 e-books and 300 e-audio books, a number that is expected to grow, as demand increases and more titles become available.

“Overnight, we have vastly increased the number of titles that our ebook readers can access, and been able to add eAudio into the mix as well – we are very excited and pleased to be able to offer this to our community” said Heather Taylor. “eAudio is great if you travel a lot too, you can play it in the car while you are driving”

A separate site to the Wheelers ePlatform that libraries throughout the District have already had for several years, ePukapuka offers a much larger volume of titles, giving library users greater choice and variety.

If you’re a library member, accessing and downloading digital books or audios from the ePukapuka platform is easy and straightforward.

To download it and access what it offers, members simply go to the Tararua District Library website and click on the link to the ePukapuka App, then log in using their library membership number and passcode. 

Users can then browse through the large selection of e-book and e-audio titles available, order as many as they wish, place books on hold or renew a book if they wish to.

District Librarian, Heather Taylor says, to assist people who may need help, or have questions regarding ePukapuka and how to download and use it, library staff are planning to hold some “How to” lessons which they will run for as long as they’re needed. These will be advertised once dates and times have been confirmed.

Other planned promotions include the distribution of posters to smaller communities in the District such as Norsewood, Pongaroa, Akitio to be displayed on their community noticeboards, speaking to as many schools in the District as possible about the service, and updating the current eBook flyers to incorporate the ePukapuka option.


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