Water Harvesting, the gardeners best friend

With the longer days kicking in and summer well on its way, we will all want to make the most of the current weather.

Now is the time to make plans and gather stores that can be used to water gardens or maintain lawns. Being prepared will ensure that we can all have sufficient water during the summer season.

So, what can I do?

The best thing to do for all our budding gardeners and lawn experts is to install a catchment system on your property.

A catchment system is perfect to keep those gardens fresher than ever by collecting fresh rainwater and storing it for later use. This water will not be good for drinking; however, it is very cost effective, does not require a building consent and will allow you to continue your gardening activities over summer (even when restrictions are enforced).

What do I need to build a water catchment system?

All you need is a catchment surface (small roof) with a gutter and downpipe, and you then can start planning your system. It is a relatively cheap and easy process, there are a lot of free resources online on how to build a water catchment system and over the next few weeks Council will be collating some of these amazing resources on our website for you to access, just head over to www.tararuadc.govt.nz/water.

What can I do for my business?

For businesses, a great way to prepare is to install a separate water tank which can be used for cleaning processes over the summer. Extra storage will allow you to continue your cleaning regimes to the high standard you all adhere to.

If harvesting rainwater does not suit your needs, or if you need extra potable water storage then make sure to order your new tanks now. Retailers may be backlogged and may not be able to get you your tank before the summer, so get in early and get those tanks filled up.


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