Water conservation important with Summer approaching

With summer fast approaching, now is a good time to think about “water” and how to conserve and use it wisely.

Each year summer brings those long hot days we all enjoy and look forward to, but unfortunately they often come at a cost –a shortage of water and sometimes restrictions.

Dave Watson, Tararua District Council Group Manager Plant and Property says when the flow in the river drops, so does the allocation of water.

“This affects our resource consents allocation for water take out of the rivers,” says Mr Watson.

Like all things, if we are aware it may occur we can prepare for it, and water shortages are definitely something we can all do something about, by preparing in advance and looking at ways we can save or reduce the amount we use.

There would be few people who don’t waste water in one way or another. Approximately 16 litres of water is used every minute we leave a tap running to clean our teeth or wash our hands, that’s water that could be saved if the plug was put in the basin before the tap was turned on.

Mr Watson, says with a little thought there are a number of things people can do to reduce this wastage.

“Its things like don’t wash your car in the driveway, wash it on the lawn so it benefits the lawn and garden, don’t use a hose use a bucket, buy a tank or container to save water off your roof that can be used for watering plants or filling pet bowls. If you’re a keen gardener and using a sprinkler, make sure its watering the garden and not the pavement.”

Mr Watson says a number of companies sell water tanks including second hand IBC’s (Internal Bonded Containers) that hold 1000 litres of water. Selling for about $100 they are a very economical option if anyone wants a storage tank. Connect them to your house or shed downpipes and they will fill very quickly during rainfall.

“We want people to look at how much water they may be using and we’re encouraging them to save as much as they can. By doing this we will be in a better position when the long, hot days of summer eventually hit and water in the rivers is at a very low level.”

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