Where are they now? Search is on for lost time capsule

For centuries time capsules have been used to preserve a “bit of the past for the future.”

They were often buried or placed in the walls of significant local buildings when they were built, such as town halls, schools or churches, where they remained until opened on a particular date in the future.

Unfortunately as time has passed, many have been forgotten or even lost, with no record of their location or even their existence.

Joy Kopa, Tararua District Council, Records and Information Manager, says many of the old time capsules within the district are coming up to their date for “unearthing” but their locations are unknown.

“Many of the early time capsules were placed on properties then owned by Central or Local Government, as it was believed these properties would never be sold.

“However this was not always the case and people are now coming to Council asking if we know where the capsules were placed, as the new landowners have no idea.”

Joy says if anyone has any information or knowledge of any time capsules within the district, she would love to hear from them. 

“We already know the location of capsules from Woodville and Eketahuna Centennials, but I’m sure there are a lot more out there.”

If anyone has any information that may help Joy in her search, please call her on Ph (06) 374 4080


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