Unit Fee ($)
Official Information Requests (no charge for first hour; materials charged separately) per hour 100.00
Long Term Plan each no charge
Annual Plan each no charge
Annual Report each no charge
District Plan    
  Printed copy each 300.00
  Electronic copy each 25.00
GIS data requests (materials charged at actual cost) per hour 90.00
Photocopying/Printing *    
  A4 monochrome per side 0.20
  A4 full colour per side 0.50
  A3 monochrome per side 0.40
  A3 full colour per side 1.00
  * A discount of $0.10 per sheet may apply for unassisted bulk runs greater than 50 sheets.
  A3 per sheet 3.00
  A4 per sheet 2.00
  A5 per sheet 1.40
  Business card each 1.00
Credit card transactions    
  Over the counter per transaction 2% of total charge
  Over the phone per transaction 2% of total charge
Debt collection    
  Recover cost incurred for collection of outstanding debtors 10% of outstanding debt